Fighting games have always been a pleasure to watch. It’s been this way since the 1980s, when you would find your spot in a crowded pizza parlor or 7-11, just to watch two people throw fireballs and pull off combos you wish you had the dexterity to try. In 2016, most arcades have been replaced with Internet-connected consoles and putting quarters down to fight the local champ is now done with the press of a button. But just like 20 years ago, Street Fighter is the king of fighters and the Internet has broadened your ability to watch some of the best in the world perfect their craft. So when you’re trying to brush up on your skills, check out these 5 streamers for the latest tips and tricks to becoming a world warrior!


James Chen

Before you start watching high-level play, which is the case with most professional gamers and streamers, you might want to know what to look for. Enter James Chen, award-winning broadcaster and fighting game aficionado. He’s covered some of the biggest tournaments in the world such as EVO and is here to help. Chen knows his stuff and puts together excellent tutorials for beginners and veterans alike, as well as a gaming talk show with his co-broadcaster David “UltraDavid” Graham, covering the latest news and notes around the fighting game community. He boils down complex techniques into something the average gamer can understand and gives plenty of homework to help make your game a little stronger.


Justin Wong

Once a villain, now an American hero, Justin Wong has had many ups and downs over the years in the Fighting Game Community. Few pro gamers play as many different fighting games as JWong, but his SFV skill has proven quite high, currently sitting third place for global SFV points. He also finished first at the recent JAM Festival in Brazil, and he brings that championship skill and knowledge to his streams, where his aggressive footies and advanced spacing techniques are almost too good to adopt as your own. His streams are fairly lively—he interacts with the chat, answers questions about the game and isn’t afraid to talk some trash against the people he plays against.


PR Balrog 

PR Balrog is another top-tier player with a no-nonsense playstyle, which translates into a no-nonsense streaming experience. He doesn’t always include a box of himself when streaming, he doesn’t have much in the way of fancy custom graphics that dazzle when a new subscriber comes aboard, but he does have marathon sessions of stellar ranked match after stellar ranked match. Whether it’s learning new characters or perfecting his mains, Balrog is a man of few words. While some might see this as a boring streaming option, sometimes the overhyped language and trash talk is a little too much and you just want to see an expert do their best in a quiet, controlled, competitive environment. If that sounds up your alley, check out his channel.


Snake Eyez

It has been a long road for Snake Eyez, one of the US’ top prospects and best Zangief player in the world. His rise to fame has come with some adversity, namely getting into the competitive scene much later in life than most gamers, which is always a tough hill to climb. Still, his always-positive attitude and depth of skill with the Russian grappler makes for one entertaining stream. As he says, playing with Gief is a long, hard road, but he makes 360 spinning piledrivers look so easy while cracking his trademark smile. Compared to a lot of other streamers, his chat is pretty civil and positive toward the fan favorite in his quest to become a Capcom Cup champion!


Daigo Umehara 

The Beast. The Legend. Now, the Streamer. Yes, Daigo Umehara—one of the greatest fighting game competitors of all-time—is finally on Twitch. He streams only on Friday nights and with the help of a translator, those of us that need to brush up on our Japanese will be able to gain some wisdom from this pro. The Mad Catz-sponsored warrior has a ton of insightful commentary not just for Street Fighter, but competing in large tournaments in general and how to deal with the pressure of facing top competition across the globe. The stream is partly about picking up tips and partly about staring in awe as his lightning-fast reflexes crank out advanced moves in a split second. While his techniques will definitely stand out if you already know more than the basics, everyone should be able to take away some nuggets of truth while watching.